Merge your PDFs

An easy way to combine PDF files



    How to combine PDF files online

    No worries, it is not difficult at all

    • 01

      Drag and drop your PDFs into the PDF merging tool above.

    • 02

      Rearrange the provided PDF files in the desired order.

    • 03

      If needed, add more files or delete existing files.

    • 04

      Adapt the file name of the soon-to-be merged PDF, if wanted.

    • 05

      Push the ‘Merge’ button to download your combined PDF.

    A simple online tool to combine PDFs

    With GroovyPDF you can combine as many PDF documents as you like into one in a matter of minutes. You don't need to sign up, nor to pay money for the service

    Security & Privacy by design

    During the merging process, no files are ever uploaded. Everything happens right inside your browser. This way, nobody, not even we, can see the content of your PDFs

    Works on all platforms

    Because merging PDFs happens all inside the browser, you can combine PDFs on Windows, Mac and Linux - even on the smartphone!

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